Clergyman wins substantial medical negligence compensation

Last week a former clergyman was awarded substantial medical negligence compensation after doctors failed to discover that he had a brain tumour.

The 42 year old man consulted his doctor in July 2000 after suffering severe headaches. His GP referred him to Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre where specialists diagnosed him as a migraine sufferer.

However, his condition deteriorated and he went to the Eye Hospital in Birmingham. The hospital ordered an MRI scan and it revealed a huge tumour. The man had emergency surgery at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the tumour was removed.

The man retained the services of a personal injury solicitor to handle his claim for personal injury compensation. The lawyer pointed out that the man’s tumour went undiagnosed for four years because the original consultant failed to review the CT scan findings. This led to his client’s ambitions being wrecked and his loved ones undergoing enormous stress.

Although the CT scan had identified the brain tumour, the records were simply filed away and the patient was not notified of the problem, he added.

The personal injury lawyer has asked the health trust concerned to explain what lessons have been learnt from this incident, and what procedures have been changed, to safeguard future patient safety in the NHS as a whole.

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4th birthday celebrated by personal injury solicitors Accident Consult

In celebration of a major milestone, personal injury solicitors Accident Consult Ltd., one of the leading companies based in the UK that has made a habit of helping hundreds of clients work out their personal injury claims, commemorates the 4th year of their online presence.

The company, which has been aiding its clients in all manner of ways as accident solicitors, have worked claims as varied as motorcycle, car, and road traffic accidents, crush, work, or public place accidents, medical cases such as  back or head injuries or animal attack injuries, construction accidents, and medical negligence cases, to name a few.

Accident Consult has many highly skilled solicitors and barristers at their disposal with several years of experience, which has led to a high success rate for several years, helping hundreds of clients in the process.

A spokesperson for the company suggests that anyone suffering from either a negligent or deliberate act of someone else, taking action should be the appropriate response, as any injuries lead to pain, lost work, and high medical bills; if a hospital stay is required, the spokesperson continued, a substantial loss of earnings could be a result, and compensation claims will help recover any losses.  The spokesperson concluded by stating that Accident Consult holds the belief that the entity responsible for someone’s injuries should be held accountable for the results of said injury.

In celebration of their 4th birthday, Accident Consult is offering a scheme, uniquely known as “no win, no fee,” in which services do not need to be paid for if any action brought about on your behalf is not decided in your favor.   The company is so confident in its abilities to successfully pursue their customers’ claims that they have decided to guarantee their compensation rate at 100 per cent, based on their employment of highly capable solicitors and lawyers and making the scheme at absolutely no risk for customers.