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Posts (715)  
   1.   Personal injury at work suffered by Lincolnshire builder
   2.  ‘Compensation culture’ row set to start up once more
   3.  ‘Thank goodness for my helmet,’ claims one injured cyclist
   4.  £1 million compensation claim but no substantiating evidence
   5.  £1,549 personal injury compensation for victim of shooting
   6.  £1.2 million medical negligence claim settled
   7.  £1.7 million personal injury compensation for paratrooper
   8.  £13 million compensation paid out by Oxford Hospital Trust in 2010
   9.  £17,000 compensation for personal injury at work
   10.  £18,000 fine for breaching Work at Height Regulations 2005
   11.  £2.5m in personal injury compensation awarded to injured man
   12.  £26 million spent on compensation awards for teachers, staff
   13.  £2m in personal injury compensation for twin children
   14.  £3,000 personal injury compensation plus £100,000 costs!
   15.  £300,000 compensation after man dies in drugs trial
   16.  £33,000 personal injury compensation for rock concert employee
   17.  £4.5m in medical negligence claims awarded by NHS Trust
   18.  £5 million medical negligence award for Hertfordshire boy
   19.  £50 million in personal injury compensation due to potholes
   20.  £500 personal injury compensation for child bitten by Alsatian
   21.  £6 million payout in Lancashire medical negligence case
   22.  £6.6 million award for boy in medical negligence case
   23.  £70,000 for patients, £150,000 for lawyers. That can’t be right!
   24.  £70,000 payout for woman hit on pedestrian crossing
   25.  £70,000 personal injury claim after fall in snow
   26.  20% of personal injuries on the road involve motorcyclists
   27.  2010 Personal Injury Awards recognise Des Collins
   28.  2014/15 Cancer Waiting Times Report; Seeing is Believing
   29.  24 crash for cash fraudsters appear in North East court
   30.  30% rise in car insurance costs to offset personal injury claims
   31.  4th birthday celebrated by personal injury solicitors Accident Consult
   32.  65-year-old mesothelioma victim gets personal injury compensation
   33.  7 construction workers could file personal injury claims
   34.  73% of workers unaware of health and safety at work procedures
   35.  78% of annual personal injury claims come from car crashes
   36.  79% of doctors have seen someone who invented a personal injury
   37.  8 year old’s family wins her medical negligence claim
   38.  94pc of legal professionals say access to justice to suffer
   39.  A personal injury trust could protect welfare benefit claims
   40.  A pint of milk and a personal injury compensation claim, please!
   41.  A trio of crazy personal injury claims!
   42.  Accepting offer of free Lucozade leads to personal injury claim
   43.  Access to Justice Action Group attacks ABI
   44.  Accident solicitor association responds to legal aid cuts
   45.  Accident solicitor speaks out against courthouse closure
   46.  Accident solicitor wins compensation for man hit by fridge
   47.  Accident solicitor wins damages for hernia sufferer
   48.  Accident solicitors accused of mishandling claim
   49.  Accident solicitors rake in 10% of motor insurance premiums
   50.  Accidents at local schools cost councils £2.2m
   51.  Accidents at work prove costly for employers
   52.  Actor blinded in onstage accident, seeks £250k in damages
   53.  Add medical negligence insurance to your household policy
   54.  Admiral will continue accepting no win no fee referral fees
   55.  Am I entitled to legal representation following bereavement?
   56.  Amending RIDDOR could increase personal injuries at work
   57.  Amusement injuries turn out to be no laughing matter
   58.  Another one rides the bus – a fraudster, that is
   59.  APIL critical of Clarke’s proposal for no win no fee cases
   60.  Apil president challenges insurers to stamp out fraud
   61.  Apil sends Ministry of Justice ‘letter before action’
   62.  APIL steps up fight for compensation for asbestos victims
   63.  Are ambulance chasing personal injury lawyers to blame?
   64.  Are insurers auctioning injury claims off to highest bidder?
   65.  Are personal injury solicitors seeing more military cases?
   66.  Are personal injury solicitors to blame for high insurance?
   67.  Are residents of Cardiff and Norwich injury prone?
   68.  Are we about to see the end of personal injury referral fees?
   69.  Asbestos exposure lead to £220k compensation payout
   70.  Asbestos widow awarded personal injury compensation
   71.  Ashworth Law to launch personal injury claims department
   72.  Association of Personal Injury Lawyers chief leaves for firm
   73.  Avoid accepting personal injury compensation from insurers
   74.  AXA axes personal injury compensation referral fees
   75.  Axa calls for decreased payouts from fixed fee system
   76.  Axing admin staff could increase medical negligence claims
   77.  Baby P clinic doctor files personal injury claim against NHS
   78.  Banning personal injury solicitor ads from NHS trusts unfeasible
   79.  Barman wins £9,000 after suffering personal injury at work
   80.  Bed bug bites cause illness, say personal injury solicitors
   81.  Been in a car accident? Get in line.
   82.  Better safety measures could prevent personal injuries at work
   83.  BIBA calls for timescale for fraudulent claims reduction
   84.  Birmingham City Council hit by personal injury claims
   85.  Birmingham hospital admits negligence in drug overdose case
   86.  Birmingham man found guilty of personal injury fraud
   87.  Blame the claims farmers not the injury solicitors
   88.  Blind man suffers eye injury, considers compensation claim
   89.  Boat builder from Isle of Wight falls from height, breaks arm
   90.  Botched cosmetic surgery could be caused by medical negligence
   91.  Botched prank leads to £1,000 personal injury compensation
   92.  Boy injured by medical negligence to be compensated
   93.  Brain damaged man awarded £4.2 million personal injury compensation
   94.  Britain must lose title of whiplash capital of Europe
   95.  British bobbies do their best to not get injured on the job
   96.  Brits are reluctant to claim for personal injuries at work
   97.  Broken teeth lead to personal injury compensation claim
   98.  Bubble wrap machine claims three fingers from employee
   99.  Burnley handyman narrowly escapes death in fall from roof
   100.  Calls for government to set up Employers Liability Insurance Bureau
   101.  Cameraman walks off with compensation after losing a leg
   102.  Can the government really do away with referral fees?
   103.  Can you claim personal injury compensation after a dog bite?
   104.  Can you claim personal injury compensation for an act of god?
   105.  Car accident claims figures recede, pleasing insurers vastly
   106.  Car insurance claims: expensive but needed for the injured
   107.  Car mechanic suffers burn injuries in explosion at work
   108.  Car plant operator suffers personal injury at work
   109.  Carbon monoxide victims may claim personal injury compensation
   110.  Cardiff pavements cause 1,038 personal injuries in 4 years
   111.  Cash for crash schemes escalating, experts say
   112.  Changes to personal injury compensation claims unveiled
   113.  Cheshire Constabulary pays out £46k in dog bite damages
   114.  Cheshire worker burned in horrific personal injury at work
   115.  Children’s book creator prevails on medical negligence case
   116.  Church fined after worker injured in fall from height
   117.  CJA executive team protects personal injury claimants
   118.  Claimants get 10% personal injury compensation bump
   119.  Claimants victimised, but not by personal injury solicitors
   120.  Claims almost halved with VW’s Autonomous Braking System
   121.  Claims for medical negligence are rising at an alarming rate
   122.  Claims management companies: still bane of lawyers’ lives
   123.  Clampdown on no win no fee services announced by Osborne
   124.  Clergyman wins substantial medical negligence compensation
   125.  CMC figures down, yet personal injury claims still prevalent
   126.  CMCs pre-empt referral fee ban
   127.  Compensation culture: the global epidemic?
   128.  Compensation paid to girl savaged in dog attack
   129.  Consider a no win no fee solicitor if you’re injured
   130.  Contraceptive implant medical negligence claims increase
   131.  Conveyancing solicitor accused of fraud claims innocence
   132.  Cops in Northern Ireland making injury claims in droves
   133.  Costa Concordia survivor insulted by cruise discount offer
   134.  Could 20mph speed limit curb serious RTA injury?
   135.  Could an independent panel crush the compensation culture?
   136.  Could Gurra Rufa fish be a cause of personal injury claims
   137.  Could you claim personal injury compensation abroad?
   138.  Council employees paid £228k in personal injury compensation
   139.  Councils suffer compensation claims, attempt to curb losses
   140.  Councils under fire from the injured
   141.  County Durham contractor severs 3 fingers, say injury solicitors
   142.  Couple forced to sell home to settle personal injury claim
   143.  Court of appeal personal injury at work ruling is confusing
   144.  Crash for cash gang narrowly escapes jail
   145.  Crewkerne worker suffers serious personal injury at work
   146.  Cruise ship contract contained personal injury limitations
   147.  Cumbrian motorcyclist files for personal injury compensation
   148.  Cyclist hits pothole, wins £2k in personal injury compensation
   149.  Cyclist wins £4 million compensation after hit and run
   150.  Death from blood clot led to medical negligence pay-out
   151.  Demolition worker tumbles from roof, boss prosecuted by HSE
   152.  Denying access to medical negligence compensation cannot be fair
   153.  Devon holiday park site of personal injury at work
   154.  Did Conrad Murray commit medical negligence?
   155.  Disabled teenager joins battle to retain legal aid
   156.  Disabled woman files personal injury claim following nursing home accident
   157.  Dishonest personal injury claimant receives jail sentence
   158.  Do accident solicitors deal with 1,200 whiplash cases daily?
   159.  Do flea-bitten coppers deserve as much as stricken postmen?
   160.  Do local authorities need better personal injury lawyers?
   161.  Doctor succeeds in his £500k personal injury claim
   162.  Doctors should have insurance, indemnities are not enough
   163.  Does everyone waste money on personal injury claims?
   164.  Don’t be so quick to blame lawyers for spurious claims
   165.  Don’t you ever blame lawyers on injury claims fraud again
   166.  Don’t cause a cyclist to claim personal injury compensation
   167.  Don’t get left with a personal injury claim on April Fools Day
   168.  Don’t reform legal aid calls by personal injury solicitors
   169.  Dozens seek aid from personal injury solicitors in North Yorkshire
   170.  Drivers must be aware of cyclists on city streets
   171.  Dudley Council throws out 55% of personal injury claims
   172.  DVT medical negligence claims cost NHS £112m in 5 years
   173.  E.coli victims to receive personal injury compensation
   174.  eBay campaign highlights unethical insurance company practices
   175.  Elderly NHS patients victimised by medical negligence
   176.  Eleven year old girl injured at Birmingham funfair
   177.  Employee’s personal injury at work costs employer £700,000
   178.  Employers should file personal injury at work reports online
   179.  England needs more midwives says medical negligence solicitor
   180.  Ensure appoints John Miles as personal insurance claims manager
   181.  Essex school caretaker suffers serious personal injury at work
   182.  EU rules are bad news for the health of UK patients
   183.  Even the Victorians claimed personal injury compensation
   184.  Ex-policewoman claims £500,000 personal injury compensation
   185.  Exaggerated personal injuries are a major cause of concern
   186.  Expert witnesses now live in fear of being sued
   187.  Explosion victims to claim personal injury compensation
   188.  Factory worker suffers personal injury at work in fall
   189.  Fake toys could cause more personal injury compensation claims
   190.  Falls from height cause thousands of personal injuries at work
   191.  Family of mesothelioma victim win £75,000 compensation
   192.  Fatal personal injury at work cases increase
   193.  Fatal personal injury at work may lead to compensation claim
   194.  Fatal personal injury at work suffered by one London handyman
   195.  Father of injured son seeks medical negligence payout
   196.  Faulty chair costs hotel £6,500 in personal injury compensation
   197.  Faulty lugs on micro-light led to two personal injury claims
   198.  Finish the groundwork first says APIL president
   199.  Fireman nearly killed by pothole-related crash
   200.  Food packaging worker suffers serious personal injury

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