Clergyman wins substantial medical negligence compensation

Last week a former clergyman was awarded substantial medical negligence compensation after doctors failed to discover that he had a brain tumour.

The 42 year old man consulted his doctor in July 2000 after suffering severe headaches. His GP referred him to Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre where specialists diagnosed him as a migraine sufferer.

However, his condition deteriorated and he went to the Eye Hospital in Birmingham. The hospital ordered an MRI scan and it revealed a huge tumour. The man had emergency surgery at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the tumour was removed.

The man retained the services of a personal injury solicitor to handle his claim for personal injury compensation. The lawyer pointed out that the man’s tumour went undiagnosed for four years because the original consultant failed to review the CT scan findings. This led to his client’s ambitions being wrecked and his loved ones undergoing enormous stress.

Although the CT scan had identified the brain tumour, the records were simply filed away and the patient was not notified of the problem, he added.

The personal injury lawyer has asked the health trust concerned to explain what lessons have been learnt from this incident, and what procedures have been changed, to safeguard future patient safety in the NHS as a whole.

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