Personal injury solicitor service company ISO Limited announces new firm to use its service

Insurance Services Office Limited, one of the UK’s leading personal injury solicitor service companies, recently issued a statement announcing that Cogent Law is to use its Personal Injury Claims Assessment Service.

Accident solicitors Cogent Law decided to implement ISO’s PICAS service in order to speed up the process in which personal injury claims were handled; PICAS is designed to eliminate the need for any written reports or manual reviews to be processed by claims handlers for insurance providers, ensuring that Cogent Law can produce settlements that are consistent in addition to fast-tracking personal injury claims.

Designed by ISO to allow for a greater level of transparency, PICAS has been praised by industry insiders for the benefits its use can bring to all parties involved in a settlement dispute.  Additionally PICAS is the only solution in the industry to take the personal injury claim process into the digitised realm.

Following Cogent Law’s implementation of PICAS, the firm commented, any claims that utilised the service for processing needs have been settled in a more timely manner, aided by the information that had been stored in its digital state. ¬†Cogent Law also commented that by including software for the writing of professional medical reports eliminated the need to decipher details from external medical reports, enabling procedures to be more consistent in regards to settlements.

Cogent Law senior partner Nick Addyman stated that since his firm had implemented PICAS, he has been able to provide settlements that have been fairer, faster, and more consistent than the average of the injury solicitors industry, commenting that the new digitisation has reduced the amount of manual administration and paperwork by a significant margin, which then reduces the costs to his clients that are associated with such necessities without losing control of any aspects of the claims process.

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