NICB releases new personal injury claims data for 2009

The National Insurance Crime Bureau recently released new data detailing questionable personal injury claims for last year, examining many medical claims suspected to be fraudulent that had been referred to the NICB by its membership in 2009.

The Crime Bureau, which is based in the US, found that last year questionable medical negligence claims rose ten per cent to 28,553 in comparison with their 2008 numbers, which totaled 25, 945.  The top five American states that produced the high figures were Texas, Florida, New York, California, and Illinois, while the top five US metropolitan areas were Houston, Tampa, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

The larges type of loss, bodily injury, accounted for 45 per cent of total questionable claims with 12,838, which was followed by 4,636 questionable personal injury protection claims, which accounted for 16 per cent of the total.  Additionally, the type of policy that was most often referred to the Crime Bureau, personal auto insurance, was responsible for 71 per cent of 2009’s total figures at 20,147 questionable claims.

Joe Wehrle, president and chief executive officer for the National Insurance Crime Bureau commented on the new data, stating that approximate one out of three questionable claims for 2009 were related to suspicions of medical fraud, a figure that has been quite obviously growing.  Mr Wehrle added that if the current rate of growth that has been observed for the first six months of the current year continues unabated, the 2010 full year figures will be 13 per cent higher than last year’s, most likely resulting from the efforts of criminal rings to extort and rob money from medical insurance companies and their clients.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has made the full report available for the public and other interested parties at

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