What to do if you suffer a personal injury at work

Unfortunately personal injuries do happen in the workplace even though there are a large amount of health and safety rules and regulations that employers must comply with.

However, because there are so many Health and Safety regulations, the chances are that you will be able to claim personal injury compensation if you have suffered a personal injury at work.

Accidents at work could be caused by dangerous working practices, equipment or materials, a failure on the part of the employer to provide adequate training, the actions of other colleagues or slip and trip hazards.

All UK employers are legally obligated to take out adequate insurance cover in case an accident at work occurs. And if an employee is threatened by an employer for making a personal injury claim, the employer can be fined or even imprisoned.

So what should you do if you suffer a personal injury at work?

All injuries, including minor ones, should be written up in the ‘accident book’. All companies, except very small ones, are legally obligated to maintain such a book. The purpose of the book is two-fold. Firstly as a record that can be referred back to at a later date and secondly as a way of making the employer aware that there is a problem so he can take action to stop a similar accident happening in the future.

If you feel you have suffered any financial hardship as a direct result of the accident, you’ll probably want to file a compensation claim. Members of a trade union may be able to obtain legal advice through the union but most people will want to find a solicitor who is experienced in personal injury at work cases.

There are several personal injury lawyers listed on this website, all of whom will be able to give you the expert advice you need on how to proceed with your claim for compensation.

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