Personal injury solicitor appointed to the Isle of Man

Offshore legal firm Appleby recently announced the appointment of personal injury solicitor Mr Tim Swift to an associate position of its insolvency and litigation team located on the Isle of Man.

Mr Swift, an English accident solicitor who has now also become a  Manx Advocate, possesses two and a half decades of experience in many different forms of civil court litigation in working for commercial, union, and also private clients during his career.

Mr Swift has been employed both as a member of a major insurance company and as a private legal practicioner, focusing on disputes revolving around financial services provisions.

While Mr Swift has experience across the broad spectrum of civil law, he has a specialty in personal injury claims and related matters, working as both a Deputy District Judge in Liverpool whilst operating a bustling private practice as well for the last ten years.

Mr Swift commented that Deputy District Judges, under the English legal system, are worked exceedingly hard, facing a relatively benign claim involving an instance of defective kitchen appliances one moment before turning to a quite serious personal injury claim the next that may involve a compensatory scheme of several thousand pounds.

Mr Swift also provided an explanation as to why he decided to leave both his judicial position and his private practice in Britain behind in order to assume a trainee advocate on the Isle of Man, sitting his first professional examinations he’d had to face in nearly three decades, stating that the lifestyle on the Isle of Man compares quite favorably to his old life in the UK, especially in light of the friendly residents and the beautiful landscape.

He also stated that the challenge of learning a completely set of laws and legal system in under a year, in addition to holding a full-time job down, was something that appealed to his nature, stating that his gluttony for punishment was most likely to blame on that front.

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