Baby P clinic doctor files personal injury claim against NHS

Claiming that the NHS had forced her out of her job, a doctor who expressed her concerns in regards to the clinic Baby P was present at just days prior to his tragic death has filed a personal injury claim against her employer.

Dr Kim Holt, a consultant paediatrician, has hired personal injury solicitors to sue Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Dr Holt is seeking damages of £100,000.

Dr Holt signed off from her position due to  stress shortly after she filed a complaint in 2006, and she is claiming that GOSH has been preventing her efforts to return to her original role.

Dr Holt additionally claims that the life of Baby P could have been saved if only certain changes had been made.

Medical negligence solicitors Leigh Day & Co are representing Dr Holt in her efforts in her legal claim against the children’s hospital, located in central London.

Baby P had arrived at a clinic at St Ann’s Hospital, where Dr Holt was based, and staff their failed to identify the child’s broken back.  Baby P then died two days later, in August of 2007.

Prior to the tragedy, Dr Holt had lodged a formal complaint in regards to shortages of clinic staff in addition to an appointments system that could only be described as “chaotic,” according to her complaint.

A spokesman for GOSH said that Dr Holt’s claims were not entirely unfounded, and as a result there was a plan drawn up in order to have the claims addressed properly.

Dr Holt signed off from her position due to stress in February of 2007 after her workload increased in the time after making her complaint, due to a cutting back of consultant posts for the clinic.

Dr Holt, now working in a differing area, claims that she has been barred from returning to her original posting at the clinic.

The hospital released a statement confirming that it had been in receipt of a solicitors letter, however it declined any further comment  on a possible litigation that may take place in the future.

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