Text walkers are putting their lives in danger

Is our own stupidity putting us at risk of personal injury? There are many obstacles out there just waiting to injure us but if we were a bit more vigilant we could just prevent accidents that lead to lengthy personal injury claims.

Recently a scientist warned that millions of us put our lives at risk on a daily basis by text walking. Dr Joanna Lumsden from Aston University claims that 10% of all mobile phone users have already sustained an injury because they failed to notice an obstacle in their path whilst they were texting friends. A&E departments back up the claim saying they are noticing an increase in text walking injuries.

But what happens if you receive a serious injury and want to make a claim for personal injury compensation? If you walk into a bollard whilst texting it may be quite difficult for you to prove that somebody else was negligent.

However, if you retain the services of a personal injury solicitor, they will be able to explain the rule of Contributory Negligence. Basically, this term means that the claimant has to take a share of the responsibility for the accident and the compensation awarded is reduced.

An accident solicitor is perfectly placed to advise you on whether it is worth making a compensation claim. If the solicitor believes you have a strong case, he may even represent you on a no win no fee basis.

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