Accident solicitor wins damages for hernia sufferer

A joiner who got a hernia due to lack of proper training in his workplace has been awarded personal injury compensation.

As part of his job he had to remove a heavy fire door and enlisted help from one of his colleagues. However, when all the screws were removed the door started to fall to one side and the man sustained a hernia trying to prevent it falling further. He had to have an operation and did not achieve a full recovery for several months.

The man decided to pursue a personal injury claim and went to see an injury solicitor. The personal injury solicitor confirmed that Health and safety regulations require workers to receive adequate training on safe manual handling procedures and as this did not happen, the man received a personal injury at work.

The employer claimed he was not responsible for the accident and said the employees should have sought a different way to remove the door. However, the man’s accident solicitor said the two men were following normal procedures and had not been trained on alternative removal methods.

The judge found against the employer who was ordered to pay damages to the joiner.

This case is just one of many that highlight the need for proper adherence to health and safety regulations. In 2008/09, 131,895 work-related injuries were reported under the Reporting of injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations whilst the Labour Force Survey for that period found that 246,000 reportable injuries were sustained.

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