Explosion victims to claim personal injury compensation

In the wake of a legal dispute concerning liability for the event, a Shrewsbury gas explosion has resulted in several victims caught in the blast to file personal injury compensation claims.

The Shropshire town was rocked by a massive explosion on the corner of Bridge Street that affected a nearby block of flats in January of 2010.  The blast, caused by a gas leak, resulted in the destruction of one building  and the town completely shut off in excess of thirty days.  Twelve people had sustained injuries in the explosion, and a large number of them have now hired injury solicitors to start compensation claims for the injuries they received during the explosion.

However, liability questions abound as the responsibility for the explosion has proven difficult to pin down.  The BBC recently released a report in regards to the contents of a solicitor’s letter which makes a liability argument, sent to BT by National Grid’s personal injury solicitors. The solicitor blames the explosion’s cause on a gas main fracture, allegedly facilitated by the weight of a too closely constructed BT chamber, and charges BT as the cause of the explosion by negligently failing to adhere to safety guidelines and regulations. An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive is still being conducted in regards to the matter.

Liability must first be determined before compensation can be made to any of the explosion’s many injured victims. One such victim, Sarah Pearse, faced weeks under sedation in intensive care due to the burns she suffered during the event.  Ms Pearse spent a total of seven weeks in hospital, and in the wake of the incident has been left in considerable distress, including anxiety, and has decided to seek compensation from the responsible party for all the suffering she endured as a result of the explosion.

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