Some of us are living in an alternative universe, says Young

Are we really becoming a nanny state? The Conservative party seems to think so and are drawing up plans to curb the excessive health and safety culture that is so prevalent in the UK at present.

The new proposals will be outlined at the Conservative party conference, by Lord Young. The former minister was instructed to look into health and safety measures by David Cameron and he found some crazy and excessive examples.

For example, a head teacher informed pupils to wear a helmet if they walk under a conker tree and a restaurant so worried about someone filing a personal injury claim against them that they would not give out toothpicks. The world seems to have gone completely stark raving bonkers! Even Lord Young thinks these people are residing in an alternative universe.

Of particular concern to the Tory peer, is the local council officials who claim to have the power to stop village events, when in fact they have none. Young went as far as to point out that he doesn’t need a council to tell him not to be an idiot. It should be up to the individual if they want to do something stupid that results in a personal injury.

If Young’s proposals are taken on board, councils may be forced to pay compensation to people affected by unwarranted cancellations.

Lord Young’s report will also include recommendations to crack down on all the advertising that encourages people to file no win, no fee claims for personal injury compensation. It will be interesting to hear the reaction of personal injury solicitors if his measures are written into law!

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