Blame the claims farmers not the injury solicitors

Recently there’s been a lot of publicity about an increase in personal injury claims. However, a lot of media reports regarding No Win, No Fee cases and personal injury solicitors are misrepresented, according to an industry expert.

Taxpayers are concerned that a lot of the tax collected by local councils, and the government, is allocated to settling claims for personal injury compensation and to pay the fees of the injury solicitors who fight the cases on their behalf.

One theory that is being bandied about at the moment is that there are more claims because accident solicitors are advertising on day time TV. However, this is untrue. In actual fact, 99.9% of the adverts are by Claims Management Companies, otherwise known as Claims Farmers. They have raised the personal injury profile, not the lawyers.

It’s true that since the introduction of No Win No Fee, the number of unscrupulous compensation claims has increased. But the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers is concerned that far reaching reforms could result in lower paid accident victims being denied legal representation.

Muriris Lyons, the president of the Association said that the Government needs to foster sensible debate about the compensation system and educate people as to how the system works.

Accidents happen and nobody can be brought to account for them, whereas negligence is unacceptable and anyone who causes needless injury should be made to pay compensation to the victim to help them rebuild their life.

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