Personal injury claims against motorists on the increase

Esure, an online insurance company, has created a new role of personal injury claims manager to tackle third party personal injury claims caused by motor accidents.

John Miles, who has worked for Churchill, RBSI and Tesco, has been appointed to take up the role starting this week.

A spokesman from Esure said that the largest area of motor insurance claims was dealing with cases of personal injuries to third parties. The ability to file a case on a No Win, No Fee basis has led to an increase in genuine claims but there is also the potential for more fraudulent ones.

Esure aims to ensure that the correct amount of personal injury compensation is paid out to genuine claimants whilst not paying out on fraudulent or exaggerated cases.

The Actuarial Profession has published the initial findings of its working party report into third party motor insurance claims and says the number of personal injury cases and the compensation amounts awarded are increasing by 30% a year.

Meanwhile, a widow in East Yorkshire is suing the Cottingham hospital trust for medical negligence after her husband died four days after undergoing a heart valve operation.

Mrs Butterick said that her husband appeared to be recovering from his surgery in 2008, but suffered complications which doctors failed to diagnose. The injury solicitor representing the family said that symptoms of cardiac tamponade, a condition causing fluid to accumulate and put additional pressure on the heart, were not spotted soon enough. This led to Mr Butterick’s condition deteriorating and his eventual death.

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