Personal injury solicitors win big for professional cyclist

Personal injury solicitors in the UK recently recorded a record-breaking win for an injured professional cyclist, managing to win the biggest compensation payout ever won in the UK on his behalf.

The victim, who had retained the services of an accident solicitor after becoming severely injured by a collision with a car, was an experienced cyclist, having ridden previous to his 1998 training ride accident in the Commonwealth Games.

The cyclist’s personal injury claims were varied, as he was injured severely in the collision to the extent that his right arm was rendered completely useless in addition to suffering from double vision constantly to the point where he was registered as having partial blindness.  The cyclist is also in need of constant round-the-clock care as well as a result from his injuries.

In what has become a record-breaking case, the the 39-year-old man has been the recipient of a £14 million award, never before seen in the world of personal injury compensation in the UK.

The cyclist, who in the wake of his accident was left without the ability to drive, cycle, or work, was initially awarded a £9 million compensation figure, which through an appeals process has led to the increased £14 million figure.

Both the cyclist’s partner and mother, who together have been looking after the accident victim, have had no recourse but to give up work in order to provided the round-the-clock care he now needs in order to function.

The previous record holder in regards to the biggest UK personal injury claim, an instance where a victim suffered paralysis in the wake of a car accident in which he was a passenger, was for a sum total of £11.15 million.

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