Ensure appoints John Miles as personal insurance claims manager

Online insurance firm Esure recently announced the appointment of John Miles to the company’s newly-created position of personal injury claims manager for their UK market in an attempt to better deal with the recently increased figures in regards to injury claims by third parties.

Mr Miles will start his new post this coming week, reporting to Sue Inglis, head of claims for Esure.  Prior to his work for Esure, Mr Miles has worked in the personal injury compensation departments  for RBSI, Tesco, and Churchill.

A spokesman for Esure commented on Mr Miles’ appointment, stating that personal injury claims of third parties is hands down one of the largest areas in the motor claims industry, and as a result to higher justice access levels has resulted in not only a higher number of genuine claims but unfortunately also the potential for the possibility of an increase in fraudulent claims as well.

Adding that the costs incurred by personal injury solicitors has become the absolute largest proportion of costs for the insurance market, the spokesman said that the fraudulent claims issue requires a very real focus.

The spokesman concluded by stating that Esure, like all insurers, have proritised the handling of personal injury claims correctly in order to ensure the company is not only disbursing the proper amount for claims that are genuine but also not paying out on exaggerated or fraudulent claims, and the appointment of Mr Miles is a reflection of this issue.

In related news, the third party car insurance working party of the Actuarial Profession recently released their newest report’s preliminary findings, which stated that the costs inherent in the settling of personal injury claims have been rising steadily each year at a rate of 30 per cent as a result of the number of accidents that involve both settlement amounts and instances of personal injury have been increasing as well.

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