Legal Ombudsman now adjudicating personal injury claims

In news that is sure to resonate strongly with those facing problems concerning personal injury solicitors, a recent announcement regarding the availability of free help in resolving client complaints will soon be made available from a referee new to the industry.

The Legal Ombudsman announced it will begin to adjudicate on issues pertaining to family issues, buying or selling a home, wills, or personal injury claims.

The regulatory body, which is both impartial and independent, has jurisdiction over all lawyers, which includes legal executives, barristers, and injury solicitors, and possesses a mandate to make binding rulings on all parties involved in a complaint.

The Ombudsman Service has the authority to order the retrieval of documents, a formal apology, or even payment of a personal injury compensation up to and including a figure of £30,000.

Adam Sampson, Chief Ombudsman for the organisation, released a statement in which he commented that the service acknowledges that a large majority of the time that lawyers and solicitors are providers of quality services to their clients, but occasionally there may be times when something may go awry.

When something does go wrong, Mr Sampson continued, clients need to have access to some sort of recourse that they can confidently be assured that things will be put to rights, and that the Legal Ombudsman Service’s job is to ensure that those results occur.

Before the ombudsman has the ability to become involved in any given case, lawyers have an eight week grace period to correct any situation themselves, and there are regulatory measures in place in the UK that require all solicitors, barristers, and law firms to have a complaints procedure in place to offer their clients in the event of a mishap.

If the client is still not satisfied with the outcome of his complaint, after that eight week period they can contact the ombudsman for further redress.

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