Cumbrian motorcyclist files for personal injury compensation

A motorcyclist who received injuries when he hit a pothole and was flung from his motorbike is filing a case for personal injury compensation against Cumbria County Council. The biker, Paul Quayle, sustained cracked ribs and a suspected broken collarbone in the accident.

38 year old Quayle was lucky not to have received more serious injuries as he had had to swerve to avoid hitting a van. He is now awaiting a decision on whether he will require an operation which would keep him away from work for some time.

Quayle thinks that since the council owns the road, it should be kept in a better state of repair. He also wants to warn other people to take care when driving along it.

A spokesman from Cumbria Highways said they couldn’t comment on an individual accident. Any motorist who makes a personal injury claim regarding potholes would be asked to fill in a form providing details of the incident. The form would then be forwarded to the council’s insurance company. The insurance company would work together with the council investigating the claim and inform them if there were fair grounds for compensation.

Road inspections in the area take place monthly to 3 monthly, half yearly or yearly depending on how many vehicles use the route, the spokesman added.

In an instance like this, the injured party would no doubt have visited a personal injury solicitor to ask for advice. Although it can take a while for the case to reach court, all supposing an out of court settlement is not agreed first, it is essential to get the advice of an experienced accident solicitor.

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