CJA executive team protects personal injury claimants

The Consumer Justice Alliance has recently announced the formation of an executive team in order to protect the interests of those involved in a personal injury claim.

The CJA, which was spurred to action by the Jackson Review, has already filled seven of the team’s seats with founding members such as personal injury compensation insurer Elite, among other firms.

The CJA has the belief that the recommendations put forth by Lord Jacskon regarding civil litigation matters may fundamentally endager personal injury victims’ ability to receive proper compensation for their pain and suffering, stating that it has the intention of lobbying on behalf of the entire personal injury solicitor industry.

Elite joins other industry members, which include the likes of Pro Legal, Wixted & Co, Harris Fowler, Gadsby Wicks Solicitors, ARAG, and Glynns Solicitors as members of the new CJA executive team.

There are currently discussions being conducted with a number of additional organisations in regards to membership into the executive team, with the CJA holding its first meeting sometime this October in order to begin planning its official launch date.

Jason Smart, chief executive officer for the Elite group, commented on the recently made announcement, stating that Elite believes that the changes as suggested by Lord Jackson will result in leaving large insurance conglomerates a much too free reign over personal injury victims, which could run the risk of those victims being inadequately compensated as a result.

Mr Smart also added that Elite would like to express its pleasure in accepting the CJA’s membership invitation, stating that his firm will demonstrate a commitment to finding solutions that can act as a reasonable alternative to the solutions the Jackson review recently published that will more vigorously protect the rights of injured parties.

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