Solicitor wins libel charges based on website claim

A personal injury solicitor has recently won a libel lawsuit int he wake of untrue and malicious accusations regarding her were recently posted on an anti-solicitor website.

Megan Phillips, who was victimised by completely untrue derogatory professional and personal remarks left on the “Solicitors from Hell” website, filed the personal injury claim after approaching the site’s owner in a request to take down the derogatory comments, which had received in excess of 50,000 page views, but was faced with his refusal to do so.

The website, which claims to receive visitor traffic upwards of 1.5 million users monthly, states that its mission is to expose personal injury lawyers as “incompetent specimens of humanity,” calling them such derogatives as corrupt, money-grabbing, and shameless.

The High Court ordered Rick Hordowski, owner of the website, to pay Ms Phillips £17,500 in personal injury compensation for her injured reputation in addition to the emotional distress she suffered.  Mr Kordowski also now faces £28,000 in legal fees in addition with being enjoined by the courts to cease and desist in his publishing any further allegations upon his website.

Ms Phillips’ legal representation declared that the website’s article was an attack on both her professional competence and her personal behaviour, stating that the language used was vitriolic and derogatory, made worse by the anonymity that online comments have.

Court documents state that while Mr Kordowski did indeed offer to withdraw the comments from his website, he would only do so after being paid a £299 “admin fee,” which Ms Phillips refused to pay on the grounds that she felt Mr Kordowski was engaging in extortion.

Mr Kordowski informed the court that he had no doubts regarding the allegations at first, but had been made aware of the fact that the poster had an existing vendetta against Ms Phillips.  If he had known the situation, he claimed, the situation would have been handled in a different manner.

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