Former personal injury solicitors rebrand their firm

Goodmans Law, leading personal injury and medical negligence solicitors, recently announced their completion of a rebranding procedure in order to complete transitioning to a law firm that specialises in medical negligence and personal injury claims.

The Liverpool-based former personal injury solicitors has developed into one of the larger firms that specialise in that particular area of law.  Acting as lead solicitors in several key national cases, Goodmans Law has extensive expertise in securing high settlements in high-profile scenarios.

Taking their legal duty to aggressively advocate their clients’ rights in regards to personal injury compensation, Goodmans Law has demonstrated that it is committed to focusing on the best possible outcome for its clients.

Goodmans Law is one of the few practices in the North that spcialises in medical negligence and personal injury law, and seek to reaffirm there core values of Justice, Expertise, and Strength with their rebranding efforts.  Goodmans prides itself on the dedication it offers with its First Resopnse Team, which listens, advises, and acts on instructions with a commitment and efficiency that its clients can rely on.

All staff members of Goodmans Law has had their hand in the rebranding efforts, which were designed in order to develop both awareness of the new brand and also an affinity that will be empowering in their newly revised roles.

Goodmans Law’s medical negligence director, Ian Cohen, issued a statement regarding the new rebranding efforts, stating that the firm has a dedication to pursuing justice within the medical negligence and personal injury fields by working closely with all manner of clients, offering guidance throughout the litigation process and standing by them in their quest for justice.

Mr Cohen added that the development of the new brand reflects the core values of the firm, stating that he was looking forward to the development of Goodmans Law going forward with their new brand.

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