Personal injury claim caused by game of leapfrog

Belfast’s Lord Mayor ended up causing the country’s personal injury solicitors to fall over each other at a recent food festival, where he attempted to play leapfrog with a colleague and collapsed on her instead, wounding her quite seriously.

Jim Rodgers, Lord Mayor of Belfast, ended up causing a personal injury claim when, in the midst of a food festival promotion, he managed to injure Lorraine Mallon, a council worker who had donned a tomato costume for the event.

Ms Mallon was one of several council workers who had come dressed as various types of seasonal produce in an attempt to promote the food festival.

Mr Rodgers, is in his sixties, came to an agreement to attempt to leapfrog Ms Mallon to the encouragement of several event photographers, but after slipping during his approach, found himself unable to clear the crouching Ms Mallon, which had the unfortunate effect of Ms Mallon receiving a painfully sharp blow to the back of her head by Mr Rodgers’ knee.

While the aborted attempt at a stunt had originally been set up as a photo shoot for promotional purposes, the end result was not only that Ms Mallon experienced a high level of pain from the injury but also suffered a slipped disc.  As a result, she filed a claim with the council for  personal injury compensation.

In the end the council agreed to renumeration of £24,000 to Ms Mallon, thanks to her accident solicitor,  and while Ms Mallon won her personal injury claim, both she and Mr Rodgers both felt the social repercussions of having their pride wounded in a public venue.

Speaking of the event, Mr Rodgers was apologetic, stating that he has been devastated by the incident, which had occurred right after three aborted runs at Ms Mallon’s tomato-clad form, which may have led her to believe that it was not going to result in an attempt to clear her that last time.

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