Hospital ordered to pay personal injury compensation

The courts recently announced that Addenbrooke’s hospital is to pay personal injury compensation to the tune of approximately £2 million to a former patient.

Mr Neal Allen, aged 42, had been suffering from a cerebral abscess when he experienced a serious brain injury brought about by a delay in diagnosis and treatment of his condition while at hospital.  In his personal injury claim to the courts, the results of his injury have left Mr Allen with difficulties in making decisions and cognitive thought, as well as problems with his memory.  Additionally Mr Allen can no longer live independently as he needs constant care and cannot return to the employment he held prior to the injury.

In his medical negligence claim, Mr Allen described how he had taken ill, handing the ambulance crew responsible for his transport to the hospital a medical card that described his pre-disposition to cerebral abscesses.  The paramedics took diligent measures to display the information to hospital staff, but Mr Allen was mis-diagnosed with a stroke and discharged shortly thereafter.  After an additional two days, after developing a cerebral abscess that required multiple surgical procedures, he was left with serious brain injuries.

Upon accepting liability for his injuries, the hospital awarded Mr Allen an initial payment of £1.03 million in a lump sum.   Mr Allen will continue to receive annual payments from the hospital for the remainder of his life.

The payment rates, as negotiated by Mr Allen’s personal injury solicitors, will be comprised of annual £35,000 payments through December of 2013.  From that date until December of 2028, he will receive £34,000 yearly, while after 2028 for the remainder of his life he will receive £44,477 every year, all of which will go towards the approximate 15 hours a day for which Mr Allen now needs constant care due to his brain injuries.

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