Footballer may face personal injury claim following incident

Footballer Nigel de Jong may soon be facing a personal injury claim after a Premier League match incident that occurred earlier in October.

The midfielder for Manchester City had a tussle with Hatem Ben Arfa, a striker on loan from Newcastle United.  In the wake of the tackle, the striker left with a fractured leg.

The north-east region’s football club’s medical staff have declared the French national will be unable to play for the majority of the season, as doctors predict the injury could take up to six months to heal properly.

Marseille, parent club for Mr Ben Arfa, have made suggestions that they are considering filing a personal injury compensation claim against the Dutch footballer who was involved in the incident.

Jean-Claude Dassier, chairman for Marseille, has remarked that the club aims to make de Jong scramble to not only find a personal injury solicitor, but to put an end to his behaviour by getting him banned from playing any further matches in Europe .

Manager for Manchester City, Roberto Mancini, has come to his player’s defense by stating that while de Jong is naturally competitive, the footballer had no intention of hurting Ben Arfa.

One personal injury solicitor commented on the growing phenomenon of personal injury claims arising from sports-related injuries.  Mr Peter Todd, solicitor at Hodge Jones & Allen LLP, recounted an unsuccessful attempt by Middlesborough Football Club to appeal a £3 million compensation awarded to Ben Collett after his injury whilst performing as a player for Manchester United reserves.

Since some players can be extremely high earners, substantial claims can be generated from football related injuries as a result, the personal injury solicitor continued.  A guilty player and their football club could be potentially bankrupted by a foul tackle that proves to be a career-ender if they do not have adequate insurance.

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