£3,000 personal injury compensation plus £100,000 costs!

A personal injury compensation case is set to cost Hull City Council over £100,000 in legal costs and yet the claimant only receives £3,000 in damages!

Steven Threlfall, a 45 year old former street cleaner, said he is astonished that the council allowed his personal injury claim to drag on for so long.

Threlfall suffered several severed tendons in his little finger after putting his hand in a bin bag containing a sharp piece of metal. He filed a personal injury at work claim on the grounds that Hull Council had given him gloves that did not provide him with adequate protection.

The last of three court hearings was held at London’s Civil Appeal Court, where senior judges ruled that Threlfall was indeed provided with the wrong gloves and awarded him £3,000 compensation. The legal bill will top £100,000 because both sides were represented by top QCs.

Mr Threlfall pointed out that the case could have been sorted out within six months if only the council had admitted negligence.

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