Woman suffers personal injury at work from forklift

One woman recently suffered a serious personal injury at work when the Lidl warehouse worker was struck and run over by a forklift at a distribution centre.

Sandra Miles was hard at work checking inventory stock dates in the central delivery zone of Lidl’s Lecestershire regional distribution centre at Magna Park when she was struck directly by a forklift after it drove through a plastic curtain.

Mrs. Miles suffered a personal injury claim in which she received several injuries to her left leg.  Following the accident she has to undergo a total of six operations which have left terrible scars.  Additionally she needs to make use of raised shoes to aid her in walking, which she has had difficulty doing without assistance since the collision.

Leicester Crown Court reviewed closed circuit television camera footage of the accident as Mrs. Miles’ personal injury solicitors informed them of how the company should be found negligent for their failure to properly recognise that there was a clear and present danger of vehicles such as forklifts colliding with employees at their warehouse location.

After admitting that they had twice breached the Health and Safety at Work Act, the supermarket giant received a fine of £80,000 with over  £31,000 in court costs.

A  Lidl spokesperson released a statement in conjunction with the court ruling that said it had an extremely high regard of how serious the incident had been.  Additionally Mrs. Miles was described as a highly valued and important staff member by the company.

In the wake of the accident Mrs Miles continued to receive her full pay for the next year.  Additionally the supermarket giant has declared there will be no contest of a personal injury compensation claim made in county court.

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