New personal injury solicitor appointment announced

Barr Ellison Solicitors has recently announced that it will be welcoming Mr Daryl Robinson as a personal injury lawyer to be based out of the Addenbrooke’s Hospital Concourse office of the legal firm.

Mr Robinson, formerly of Chelmsford-based Lloyd Green, has in excess of two decades of experience in all personal injury solicitor areas.  Mr Robinson has also worked for Lawford & Co and Jeffrey Green Russel, both London law firms.

Mr Robinson holds an accreditation from the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers as a Senior Litigator and has had success in his efforts whilst representing both trade union and private clients across the length and breadth of the UK.  Some noteworthy personal injury compensation cases Mr Robinson has handled include the Tinnitus case that has now become a landmark case for the Royal Courts of Justice.  Additionally Mr Robinson also spearheaded cases involving post traumatic stress disorder that were a result of the rail disaster at Ladbroke Grove.

Mr Robinson will be joining the personal injury law team at Bar Ellison Solicitors, a firm that has been an industry leader in regards to the incredibly complex nature of personal injury cases.  The firm has also specialises in head injury cases and possesses a high success rate as well.

Robert Curry, Managing Partner for Barr Ellison, stated that the firm wished to express its delight in having someone with Mr Robinson’s truly priceless experience across the length and breadth of the personal injury market joining their team.  Mr Robinson’s considerably trustworthy reputation and the high level of commitment he brings to his cases is viewed by the entire staff of Barr Ellison as an invaluable asset to the firm, Mr Curry concluded.

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