Death from blood clot led to medical negligence pay-out

Patricia Harper, a widow, has won medical negligence compensation following the death of her husband after a routine operation at Trafford General Hospital in Manchester.

60 year old Chris Harper went into Trafford General for a minor procedure but complained of pains in his side and chest when he woke up. Usually patients would have physiotherapy the same day, but in Mr Harper’s case he had to wait for 3 days after he’d had his operation. In addition, he didn’t receive any surgical stockings to protect against blood clots.

In March 2007, Mr Harper died from deep vein thrombosis a week after the original surgery.

Mrs Harper, filed a case against Trafford Healthcare Trust and the Salford Royal Hospital for their failure to care for her husband and has been awarded a five figure sum in compensation.

Research conducted by the charity Lifeblood shows that around 32,000 hospital patients in the UK die annually after they develop a blood clot.

Medical negligence solicitor, Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp from KCJ, said that basic measures of care were not taken in this case. She hopes future hospital training will be base around this case study to show staff how important it is to take preventative measures against patients developing blood clots.

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