£33,000 personal injury compensation for rock concert employee

A female arena concert employee who filed a personal injury claim against rockers Bon Jovi after being run down by a golf buggy driven by an employee of the band was recently awarded £33,000 in personal injury compensation.

The Milton Keynes National Bowl concert arena security supervisor, then-30-year-old Sally Allen, had been working a June 2006 concert escorting a VIP from the scene of a fire.  Before deliberately running over her leg over in the golf buggy, one Kevin McDonnell first became aggressive towards Ms. Allen.

Ms Allen suffered both a broken leg and crushed foot.  Her personal injury lawyers claim that as well as being unable to return to work thanks to the accident, she has also been suffering from depression as a result.

Ms Allen has since settled with the band and their companies for compensation of £33,000 after launching a legal action against all four band members, including Richie Sambora, David Bryan, Tico Torres, and Jon Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi declined an opportunity to comment on the incident further than saying that Mr McDonnell is no longer employed by them in any capacity.

In a related news story, one Dublin concert goer was struck in the face by a ball autographed by pop singer Rod Stewart last year after he kicked it into the crowd.

As a result of her injuries, which included a personal injury claim of negligence on the part of concert organisers and promoters, Ms Sally Price was awarded compensation of £12,800.

Ms Price was knocked down when the famous pop star accidentally kicked the autographed ball into the stage’s rigging overhead.

The football struck her in such a way as to not only knock her off of her feet but to leave her dazed and confused for several minutes after the accident.

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