Drivers must be aware of cyclists on city streets

A female cyclist from Gipsy Hill has been awarded £280,000 personal injury compensation for the injuries she received after being squashed between two lorries in England’s capital city.

Doris Barrera-Torico, a student from Chile, was cycling along Holloway Road to do voluntary work at a charity when the accident occurred in 2007. As a result her right leg sustained multiple fractures and degloving.

Ms Barrera-Torico, who is now a student at the University of Surrey’s Roehampton campus, filed a personal injury claim three years ago after the accident left her permanently disabled. Her personal injury solicitor, Paul Kitson said that the case was eventually settled out of court, shortly before the trial was due to commence. Blame was apportioned in Doris’ favour 70:30.

Doris now has a permanent disability, which as well as restricting her mobility, has also prevented her taking part in sporting activities. This caused her considerable distress as prior to the accident she had excelled as a triathlete. The compensation award covers the nine operations she had to undergo, loss of earnings and past and future care requirements, explained Kitson.

Russell Jones and Walker, the firm of solicitors that Kitson works for, launched a campaign earlier this year to increase motorists’ awareness of people riding bicycles. Ms Barrera-Torico says she fully supports the 2 Way Street campaign. Lorry drivers and car drivers have to be aware of cyclists on the road. If they practice safe driving and are aware of people riding bikes, it will prevent other people sustaining serious injuries such as mine, she added.

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