PICAS wins consumer IT innovation of the Year award

Following the Ministry of Justice reforms for personal injury motor claims, ISO Limited, the next-generation personal injury claims product and service provider, implemented a web-based case management package called PICAS.

The new management application was designed in conjunction with one of the UK’s leading motor insurance companies and went live on 30th April. Insurers can now communicate directly with the insurance portal and meet the shorter deadlines set out in the MoJ reforms.

This fast track process for claims between £1,000 and £10,000 aims to settle cases quickly and reduce the expensive costs that come with prolonged legal battles. In fact ISO says that PICAS will reduce the normal time frame for a personal injury claim to 133 days from 358 days.

ISO’s director of client services, Joe Pendle, said that PICAS helps all the parties involved in the life cycle of a claim and most importantly ensures the settlement of personal injury compensation quickly and fairly.

Insurers can easily keep an eye on deadlines and work can be reallocated through the system to ensure those deadlines are met. The application also exchanges information electronically with personal injury solicitors, reducing the margin for error.

A lot of insurers had been concerned about how to meet the shorter deadlines set out in the MoJ reforms and this case management application addresses those needs.

The ISO has just won the Consumer IT innovation of the Year award for the PICAS system at the 2010 Chartered Institute for IT (BCS) UK IT Industry Awards.

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