Personal injury compensation costs South Wales councils £5m

Over the last four years, personal injury compensation for pavement and road injuries for injuries suffered on roads and pavements has cost £5 million to  South Wales councils.

The exorbitantly large bill in the multiple millions became unearthed as the Assembly Government made the announcement it would be spending an additional £7 million on buying salt stocks for winter road gritting and also for mending potholes, all in an effort to curb the number of personal injury claims currently draining South Wales’ resources.

Over 4,400 cases for damages have cost the local authorities of the region approximately £3.8 million, not counting the additional £1.2 million spent on administration fees.

The Welsh Conservative-released figures showed that Vale of Glamorgan council handed over more than £900,000 to personal injury solicitors, while Cardiff council had paid out a record £1.5 million.

Bridgend council paid out the least at £145,000, while Merthyr Tydfil was over two times that figure at £330,000. Caerphilly was another council that paid out nearly to the £1 million mark, with an estimated £900,000.

Only one authority chose not to respond to the Freedom of Information request: Rhondda Cynon Taf council.

Shadow Minister for Local Government Jonathan Morgan AM remarked on the absurdity of the situation, claiming that the priorities for the region’s highways were terribly distorted.

He continued, commenting that it was quite obvious that there was not enough money being invested in this particular area. As a consequence, he said, there are countless injuries on the region’s pavements and roads – something that is an unacceptable occurence in its own right, to say nothing of the large sums of money that are paid out to the injured parties as a result.

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