Victims deserve to receive medical negligence compensation

A mother of an eighteen year old boy has made a medical negligence claim against the NHS after her son developed cerebal palsy. She claims that staff at Nuneaton Maternity Hospital acted negligently shortly before she gave birth and as a direct result her son Jake was born with the disability.

Rachel Dewis said that midwives did not recognise that Jake had an abnormal heart rate and the obstetrician did not call for an immediate delivery. Jake is unable to stand or walk unaided and he also suffers learning difficulties. Ms Dewis could receive more than £300,000 in compensation if a judge rules in her favour.

Meanwhile, personal injury solicitors at Goodmans Law think that patients might be wary of receiving hospital treatment as a result of the number of medical negligence cases reported by the media.

In the majority of cases, patients receive exemplary treatment from medical professionals but there are worrying inconsistencies in the standard provided across different regions which can damage confidence. And when something does go wrong, the consequences for patients and family can be serious.

The West Midlands NHS Trust for example incurs average costs of £11 million per year for medical negligence compensation.

A spokesman from Goodmans Law pointed out that although this is a burden on public funds, victims deserve compensation. If a victim suffers medical negligence, particularly in a way that will impact future health and quality of life, that victim is entitled to receive compensation. The NHS should be learning from its mistakes and doing its utmost to prevent cases from happening in the future.

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