Photographer comes to personal injury solicitors’ rescue

One photographer operating out of the Teesside region has come to the aid of personal injury solicitors through her work.

Unspecialised photographers can sometimes take pictures of poor quality, which can lead to compromised personal injury claims.  In an effort to mitigate this factor, photographer Diane Bullock has launched the first photography business in the region that is an exclusive specialist in medical negligence and personal injury photography.

Ms Bullock’s company, Medico Legal Photo, has full qualifications to operate in this highly specialised field, thanks to her BSc in Medical Photography in addition to her 12 years of experience with the NHS as a senior medical photographer. As Ms Bullock is at the top of her field, she can produce photographs that injury solicitors rely on to show the full extent of their clients’ injuries in court in an authentic manner.

Ms Bullock commented recently, stating that as those suffering a personal injury claim would never use an unqualified solicitor, so having a photographer without the proper qualifications is just as antithetical to the pursuits of justice.

As photographs can be pivotal for their role in properly illustrating the extent of clients’ injuries, a well-trained photographer is integral to gaining the maximum personal injury compensation award for those clients, the photographer went on to say.

Ms Bullock stated that photographers need to measure and show an injury properly when taking its picture or else they run the risk of reducing the possible compensation amount the courts will award to them.

Ms Bullock has partnered with Be Enterprising in order to facilitate her initial trading and start up period. Marek Tokarski, her enterprise coach, commented that in addition to having a well thought out idea for a business, Ms Bullock has demonstrated that she has the necessary skills to follow through successfully.

Mr Tokarski added that Ms Bullock’s photographs can add high levels of value to any personal injury claim, which can make the jobs of clients’ solicitors much easier by being able to rely on her expertise in court.  The enterprise coach also stated that he believes Ms Bullock is fully capable of achieving high levels of success in her highly specialised market.

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