Unison helps man win £210,000 personal injury compensation

A Yorkshire man has received £210,000 in personal injury compensation after asking Unison to help him after he sustained a personal injury at work whilst he was in the employ of Rampton Secure Hospital.

The 58 year old man, David Prince, worked as a reception assistant at the hospital and as part of his duties he was required to inspect delivery wagons. On the day of the accident, he asked the wagon driver to open the vehicle for inspection as usual. The driver did so but while the inspection was underway he let go of the vehicle’s side curtain and Mr. Prince was hit in the head by the iron bar that was attached to it.

After the accident, Prince received hospital treatment and then went back to work. However, he began suffering chronic headaches, could not concentrate and behaved out of character. He had to reduce his working hours and although his employer moved him to different departments, he could not cope and eventually he was retired on the grounds of ill health. Mr. Prince is still suffering headaches, anxiety, mood swings and poor sleep and he has become reliant on anti-depressants.

Prince contacted his union, UNISON, after the accident and it instructed Thompsons Solicitors, a firm of personal injury solicitors, to lodge a personal injury claim against E H Lee Limited, the company that owned the wagon. Prince said that the claims process was too difficult for him to cope with and without the help of UNISON he would not have been able to proceed.

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