Hip replacement leaves woman in agony say injury solicitors

One woman’s personal injury solicitors have stated that she has been in constant agony after a botched hip replacement surgery.

60 year old Charlotte Bird has recently launched a personal injury claim after her hip joint, which was replaced in a September 2007 surgery, failed 15 years ahead of schedule.

Ms Bird had been walking about a museum one day following her recovery from her surgery.  She found that after her reconstructed hip suddenly seized up she was unable to move properly.

Ms Bird was examined in hospital following the incident.  After the examination, she discovered that the hip replacement had been breaking down within her body, leading to a case of metal poisoning.

Ms Bird claims psychological damage in the wake of the incident.  She is now seeking personal injury compensation from joint manufacturers DePuy and Johnson & Johnson.

Ms Bird required an additional surgical procedure in order to have the damage caused by the defective hip corrected.  She is hoping to claim a sizable compensation settlement from the multinational firms for her lost earnings and her pain and suffering.

Ms Bird stated that every twinge she now feels makes her worry that the problem has resurfaced.  She is now hyper-aware of her own fragility and the problems inherent in her condition, she added.

A company spokesperson speaking for both firms stated that their intention is to cover the costs for additional treatment and any revision surgeries the 60 year old requires.

Many other cases of hip replacement-related injuries exist.  One such example is 75 year old George Watkins, who successfully won a compensation claim against Zimmer in April of this year.  Mr Watkins suffered a snapped hip replacement which led to his injuries.

More than 50,000 hip replacement surgeries are carried out on a yearly basis in the UK, according to the NHS.  Men are considered less likely to need a replacement than women.

The operation replaces the socket and the ball at the top of the femur with artificial parts.

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