Personal injury claim caused by frozen street in Nottingham

The recent winter weather has transformed one road in Nottingham into a dangerous stretch of ice that has already led to one personal injury claim.

The Hucknall Dispatch recently reported that several residents have been concerned with the road safety issue.  Caused by a water leak, the icy conditions have been reported to Severn Trent Water and the local council several times.  Still there has been no action taken by either local authority to stem the flow of personal injury compensation cases.

One local resident was quoted as stating that the water leak had been present for at least the past two years.  She continued, stating that there has been no one willing to step forward and take responsibility for repairing the leak.  As a result the leak becomes a serious risk for pedestrians during the winter months after the water freezes over. One other resident has already fallen victim to the icy road, as indicated by the claim she has filed with the help of her personal injury solicitors.

An Ashfield District Council spokesperson stated that the source of the problem is believed to be a privately owned garage on a nearby street.  The council confirmed that they have been apprised of the situation and are attempting to notify the property owner.  As yet there has been no reply to the council’s entreaties.

The icy conditions have pushed emergency and accident departments to the breaking point throughout the length and breadth of the UK.  Icy pavements have led to many slips and falls that have resulted in patients suffering from fractured bones in several instances.

The icy weather has also led to an increase in personal injury claims due to traffic accidents.  Many insurers have indicated that their claims rates have rocketed since the onset of the winter weather this season.

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