20% of personal injuries on the road involve motorcyclists

A biker has submitted a personal injury claim after an accident which left him with fractured ribs, fractured vertebrae and brain injury.

Burjim Shala, from Southend on Sea, has claimed £300,000 in personal injury compensation from car driver Victoria Reed, who he claims knocked him from his motorcycle.

Shala needed extensive hospital treatment after the accident and is still in considerable discomfort. His personal injury solicitors said he runs the risk of developing post-traumatic epilepsy and they are asking the High Court to grant an order that would allow him to claim more compensation if that were to happen.

Motorcycles account for only 1% of the traffic on UK roads and yet 20% of serious injuries and fatalities every year involve motorcyclists says the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Meanwhile, a businessman who received a back injury whilst riding in a speedboat had his claim for compensation rejected by a top judge.

Keith Grissett lodged a six-figure claim against his former friend and speedboat pilot Colin Bennett, accusing him of driving the boat too fast. Grissett claimed he suffered a life changing back injury when the speedboat hit an obstruction, leaving him with a damaged spinal cord. He said he was hospitalised for four days and his life has been blighted ever since.

The court dismissed his claim for damages saying Mr Bennett’s driving was appropriate and there was no evidence to suggest the speedboat had gone over anything other than a wave.

As well as having his claim for compensation quashed, Grissett now has to pay substantial legal costs.

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