More car accidents equals fewer personal injury claims!

The AA insurance company has predicted that the cold weather will lead to twice as many people making claims against their motoring accident insurance compared to usual.

The company says that 70% of all claims for financial aid after an accident or crash are related to the winter weather of snow and ice that is widespread throughout the country.

The AA also warns people who venture on to slippery roads that they are not only putting themselves at risk but they could injure or even kill others.

Despite the 100% increase in car accident insurance claims compared to a normal December, there is a bright spot for insurance companies.

Director of AA Insurance, Simon Douglas, pointed out that the number of personal injury claims is around 10% less than normally seen in December even though there is a high volume of accident claims. This is thought to be because many motorists have been driving slower than normal when an accident has occurred.

East Riding Council is currently monitoring personal injury claims in a bid to determine where it should focus its resources when making improvements to roads and pavements in the area. Recently, many councils throughout the UK have had to pay out large sums in personal injury compensation after injuries incurred on badly maintained roads and pavements.

As always, we strongly suggest anybody who has suffered a personal injury should get advice on their options from a qualified personal injury solicitor.

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