Personal injury solicitor seeking damages from regulator

After a legal regulator had his firm shuttered, one personal injury solicitor from Southampton has filed for damages.

Accident solicitor Chris Gadd stated he will be pursuing a substantial figure in damages from the Solicitors’ Regulatory Authority.  Mr Gadd is filing the charges because he feels the SRA was completely unwarranted in shutting down his personal injury claims firm.

The SRA had been investigating the collapse of WB Legal, a firm related to Mr Gadd as he was a partner with the firm.  As a result of the probe, Christopher Gadd Limited was forced by the SRA to close its doors in 2009.

WB Legal was found to have neglected to be in compliance with certain accounting rules.  The Christchurch based firm had gone into administration previous to the investigation.

The SRA held Mr Gadd had not been in compliance with the code of conduct for solicitors.  Mr Gadd was not only suspended for six months after the SRA Disciplinary Tribunal decision but had his limited company closed down as well.

Mr Gadd’s position is that the SRA did not have sufficient evidence to order his company closed. The effect of the closure was devastating, he stated.  The shuttering resulted in thousands of pounds of costs to suppliers, caused job losses, and upset the firm’s clients terribly.

Mr Gadd’s position is that the SRA never supplied him with an explanation for his firm closing that he deemed adequate.  He has decided to pursue recompense from the regulatory body through the courts as a result.

One SRA executive expressed surprise by the comments issued by Mr Gadd.  David Mittleton, legal director for the regulatory body, stated that Mr Gadd declined to challenge his firm’s intervention at the time of the decision.

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