Personal injury claims at schools less-publicised

While some personal injury claims might be more publicised than others, one often overlooked personal injury compensation category has been that of payouts made by schools to pupils.

Since 2005 there have been 16 such claims made by pupils in Lincolnshire alone.  Three of the claims were attributed to manual handling, and five of them were described by personal injury solicitors as being caused by a piece of school equipment.

Trapping, falling, and fittings and fixtures all occurred twice each.  One slip and one trip comprised the remaining two personal injury claims.

Payouts were as much as £14,000 in one case that occurred during the 2006-2007 school year.  The case revolved around an injury suffered by a 12 year old pupil involving a piece of equipment.

Due to privacy concerns neither the locations of the schools the exact nature of the accidents were not made clear.

School-based claims are quite common, states one personal injury solicitor specialist.  Despite the frequency of claims however not every accident would lead to one.

The legal expert stated that schoolteachers have a legal duty to care for their students in the same manner their parents do.  If the actions of a teacher reach that threshold of reasonableness in the event of an accident, then there is no claim.

One example of the difference between reasonable care and neglect was given.  There would be a claim, the legal expert said, if a teacher left a child alone on a trampoline and the child then fell off and became injured.  However if the injury occurred during a lesson that was run well and by an attentive teacher, the incident would just be classified as an accident.

Schools are helped in providing a safe learning environment for their children thanks to aid to the county council.

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