Claims for medical negligence are rising at an alarming rate

The Patients Association has published a report that highlights medical negligence levels across the country.

17 cases were reported that showed how poor nursing care resulted in negligence, insult and personal injury to vulnerable patients. Peter Carter, the general secretary of the RCN, said the College cannot condone the type of behaviour detailed in the report.

A medical negligence solicitor at Darbys Solicitors LLP said that the report demonstrates that although the majority of nurses are committed and caring, there are still instances of substandard healthcare in some areas of the UK.

One hospital trust in the West of England is paying out nine times the national average in medical negligence compensation and the amounts paid out by all the trusts are increasing at an alarming rate. Every year millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money is spent on settling medical negligence claims.

However, it has now emerged that there is now huge uncertainty as to who will foot the bill in future. The government is axing Primary Care Trusts in 2013 and their responsibilities will be taken on by GPs. This could lead to small medical practices and individual doctors inheriting the problem of huge insurance payments.

PCTs and hospital trusts currently pay an insurance premium to the NHS Litigation Authority and the premium is based on past claims. Low-risk hospitals pay a lower premium than those classed as high risk.

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