Pensioner seeks advice from personal injury lawyers

After her involvement in an accident that had taken place while she was in a shop, one pensioner has sought legal advice from personal injury lawyers.

85 year old Ellen Williams is now considering a personal injury claim against produce shop Fruitful near Newcastle in Byker.  This past September she was shopping there when the incident occurred.  Ms Williams became trapped in the shop’s cellar after a portion of the floor gave way beneath her.  She suffered not only from a broken foot during the incident but faced a two-hour wait before rescue crews could extricate her from the rubble.  Ms Williams’ injuries were so severe that she was in hospital for two weeks of treatment.

Despite her long hospital stay her doctors have recently informed her that the full use of her foot is something she will most likely never regain.  This has left her to become completely reliant on Ms Williams’ family members.

The victim remarked that the injuries she sustained in the floor collapse have ruined her independence.  Before the incident, she stated that she could get up and go out whenever she fancied.  Now however she needs to rely on others to help her.

The elderly pensioner has recently made the decision to seek the expert advice of personal injury solicitors as a result of her greatly diminished capacities.

According to legal experts the Occupiers Liability Act states that shop owners owe their visitors a duty of care and ensure that anyone entering their store remains safe and unhurt.  Any visitors who are hurt in a shop or similarly public place may be eligible for compensation if it can be proved that the shop owner did not meet that standard level of care.

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