Personal injury victims must be allowed to obtain justice

The coalition is wrong to attack the supposed compensation culture in the UK according to a recent article by Andrew Penman in the Mirror.

Some experts think the personal injury compensation culture is a myth and this idea has been strengthened by insurance companies in a bid to persuade companies and local councils to increase their level of cover and allow providers to raise their premiums.

According to government statistics, apart from cases involving road traffic accidents, the number of personal injury claims has actually decreased.

Penman was responding to the coalition’s proposals to ban companies from offering cash inducements to persuade victims to contact a personal injury solicitor with a view to making a claim. He pointed out that it must remain possible for everybody to access justice.

In related news, it has been revealed that the Welsh NHS has paid out around £90 million in medical negligence compensation over the last three years. The largest single payment was £11.8 million.

Richard Money-Kyrle, a medical negligence solicitor at Darbys solicitors LLP, said the figures were shocking because they highlighted the severity of errors made by health professionals. Just as Penman said, Money-Kyrle also stressed that victims of clinical negligence must retain their right to claim compensation and have the proper access to justice to enable them to place such claims.

Successful claims, whilst not righting past wrongs, go a long way towards improving the quality of life for victims and their families, he added.

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