Accident solicitor speaks out against courthouse closure

One Winnington accident solicitor has recently spoken out on the deep economic effects that the closure of Northwich’s courthouse could have on the community.

Personal injury claims specialist Dominic Moss issued the warning that closing the county and magistrates’ court will effect more than criminals and their victims.  The closure has recently been announced by the Ministry of Justice as a cost-cutting measure.

Mr Moss stated that many local people may not think it will effect them, but the closure will have wider repercussions than in the personal injury solicitor marketplace.  Instead Mr Moss referred to the closing as yet another nail in Northwich’s coffin.

Once a thriving market town, Northwich was once used by Mr Moss’ barristers prior to the court closure.  He stated that he would put barristers up at Nunsmere Hall and the Floatel, but now with the courts shuttered these barristers will no longer be eating in local restaurants or staying at local hotels.

Mr Moss stated that the primary reason for opening his practice in Northwich was due to the close proximity of the county court.  He added that anyone who may be considering to set up a law firm always thinks twice about hanging there shingle in a location with no court.

Vale Royal’s magistrate chairman Val Godfrey stated that the organisation had made a quite solid case to retain the local Northwich court.  The court had been acknowledged to be both well run and efficent according to Mr Godfrey, as it would consistently meet operating targets set by the HMCS.  Despite these positive aspects the decision to shutter the courts was taken, he added.

Mr Godfrey stated that it is especially sad for Northwich as it loses yet one more essential local service.

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