Tour operator Thomson must pay personal injury compensation

Thomson, one of the UK’s large tour operators, has been ordered to pay personal injury compensation to holidaymakers who suffered illness whilst on a holiday to Spain.

The case, which dates back to 2003, involved holidaymakers who stayed at the Son Baulo Hotel on the Spanish island of Majorca.

Tourists who stayed at the hotel between the 7th June and the 19th of September 2003 contracted either cryptosporidium or salmonella and as a direct result of their illness, some now have long-term problems with their health.

The Judge ruled that the tour operator should have informed people about the outbreaks prior to travel so they could either cancel or rebook. Thomson failed to do this and as a result 49 customers lodged personal injury claims against it.

Personal injury solicitors from law firm Irwin Mitchell represented the customers and afterwards said the case set a legal precedent recognising that tour operators have a duty to their potential guests.

Personal injury lawyer, Clive Garner, said it beggared belief that Thomson were aware that people were becoming very seriously ill at the hotel and yet they continued to send people there regardless.

The Judge will rule next month on the amount of compensation that will be awarded to those affected.

Thomson expressed disappointment at the decision saying it believed it did everything possible to safeguard the wellbeing of the holidaymakers. A spokesman added that the real winners in this case were the no win, no fee solicitors involved.

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