Dozens seek aid from personal injury solicitors in North Yorkshire

Dozens have rushed to seek aid from personal injury solicitors in York and North Yorkshire after a series of hip replacement surgeries have led to difficulty walking, swelling, and intense pain.

Many patients are claiming that they are suffering from frequent dislocated hips.  Other personal injury claims include the experiencing of excruciatingly intense pain due to metal debris leaching into their bloodstream.

Many claim that they can no longer move without the aid of walking sticks.  Others have reported cup loosening and audible popping as well.

Medical negligence solicitors in York have taken up the cases of 50 people.  35 of these cases originate from North Yorkshire, where one Clifton Park clinic has produced 22 of the total claims.

All claimants across the 50 cases had products surgically implanted within them from US-based DePuy Orthopedics Inc.  The orthopedic arm of Johnson & Johnson recalled the products in question last August after seven years of being on the market.  Some industry experts say the recall was in response to high complaints figures and elevated revision surgery rates for the hip replacement device.

York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s medical director, Dr Dr Alastair Turnbull, stated that they are aware that there are issues with the device in question.  Dr Turnbull added that the Trust is committed to offering ongoing levels of treatment and support to those patients affected by the devices.

Statistics released by DePuy reveal that between 12 and 13 per cent of patients who had received the hip replacement procedures would need to have revision surgery in order to correct any issues.  Approximately 9,600 hip replacements were performed in the UK with DePuy hardware, a spokeswoman for the company commented.

The spokeswoman also stated that DePuy will reimburse any affected patients for the costs of any medically necessary revision surgeries.

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