£300,000 compensation after man dies in drugs trial

Medical negligence compensation of around £300,000 has been awarded to the family of a man who died during a drugs trial.

The victim, 27 year old Gary Foster, died after he was prescribed double the recommended amount of chemotherapy to treat testicular cancer. Not only did this happen once, the blunder happened on 7 separate occasions during the trial.

Mr. Foster sustained fatal damage to his lungs because of the medical negligence of professionals at the University College London Hospital. He died five months after receiving the dosage in 2007. The institution is one of the largest UK NHS Trusts and manages six different hospitals.

At an inquest into his death, it was revealed that clinical experts did not appear to be aware of the victim’s deteriorating condition. If they had, they could have taken steps to save him. The inquest also revealed that the overdoses were due to a data input error in the hospital’s computer system.

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