Stable hand awarded £10,000 in personal injury compensation

After being involved in a personal injury at work with a horse, one stable hand has been awarded £10,000 in personal injury compensation.

Johnathon Frazer’s personal injury solicitors related how he had been employed in North Yorkshire by Tim Easterby, renowned racing trainer, when the incident occurred.

Mr Frazer had reported that one specific horse had been problematic in regards to being controlled properly.  He also expressed his concern on riding the horse, yet he was nevertheless sent out upon the animal the next day.

The horse bolted as Mr Frazer was trying to turn it.  As a result the stable hand was slammed into the trunk of a nearby tree.  Mr Frazer suffered cuts and bruises, an injury to his shoulder, and a severe concussion as well in the incident.

Mr Frazer’s injury solicitors filed a compensation claim against Mr Easterby on the grounds that he neglected to protect him properly.  Both parties have since agreed to settle the matter out of court for £10,000 worth of personal injury compensation.

While Mr Easterby declined an opportunity to comment on the outcome of the case, Mr Frazer issued public thanks to the  National Association of Stable Staff for supporting him.

Mr Frazer was remarkably lucky in that he was not injured more severely in the incident.  According to the British Horse Society, statistics indicate that the most dangerous types of injuries sustained by horse riders include serious damage to the nervous system.  Many victims of such injuries are unable to recover due to the severity of their wounds, the industry body commented.

According to the same statistics horse-related accidents in the UK occur eight times a day.  Many of these accidents involve serious injuries to the head and neck.

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