Theo Kramer gets £6.4m medical negligence compensation

Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust is £6.4 million worse off after a judge awarded an eight year old boy personal injury compensation.

Janet Kramer was 38 when she became pregnant with Theo. She wanted a natural birth with minimal risk. She and her husband were told that the midwives at the Edgware Birth Centre had better training and more experience than many of their counterparts working in hospitals.

In Janet’s case this was definitely not true. She was looked after by a student midwife who did not realise that Theo’s heart beat was not being monitored properly. Theo was deprived of oxygen during his birth and was gravely ill. There were then delays arranging his transfer to Barnet General Hospital, even though the family had originally been told this could be organised quickly.

The judge ruled that Theo Kramer suffered severe brain damage at birth due to the medical negligence of staff at the Edgware Birth Centre. The boy’s parents, who live in Welwyn Garden City, were told by the judge that he had admiration and sympathy for their situation.

Mr Justice Tugendhat said that this was not a unique case but a judge can only admire the way Theo’s parents have cared for him.

Medical negligence solicitors acting on behalf of the Kramers issued a statement after the judgement was pronounced, saying the trust had admitted negligence and that the birth centre was responsible for little Theo’s appalling injuries.

The trust also made a statement offering sincere apologies to the family and adding that it hoped the medical negligence compensation, which provides Theo with a regular source of income for life, will help make sure he realises his full potential.

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